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Our team has decades of experience in the IT sector between them. Having worked in large IT teams throughout the digital revolution, we watched IT become essential to the smooth running of any business. However, fragmented IT tools, rising workloads, complex tasks, and large distributed teams have led to performance management and predictability challenges for IT leaders.

Introducing the

Sebastien Adjiman

Co-Founder & CEO

Arnon Yaffe

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Ori Roniger

Chief Technology Officer

Jeffrey Rumburg

General Manager – Americas

Colin Howes

General Manager – International

David Edwards

Chief Customer Officer

Luciano Epelbaum

ITSM AI Director

Olivier Attali

General Manager РEurope

Rob Eitan

General Manager РIsrael

Alona Oshri

Head of Marketing & Sales Operations

Oren Miara

Chief Data Scientist

Nimrod Vishnia

R&D Lead

David Agronov

Senior Business Process Analyst

Angela Irizarry

ITSM Business Process Analyst

Ibrahim Abu Arafeh

Senior Software Engineer

Matanya Cahana


Dmitriy Zaslavskyy

Senior Data Scientist

Roi Roth


Introducing Our

Yuval Cohen

Board Member

Michael Bloch

Advisory Board Member

Dror Erez

Advisory Board Member

Benny Schneider

Advisory Board Member

Philippe Adjiman

Advisory Board Member

Amnon Beck

Advisory Board Member



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